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View Athens childbirth class schedules, locations, and prices at the Kopa Birth® site.  To register, choose a class, click “register,” complete the form, and submit your $50 class deposit.

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Learn more about Kopa Birth® philosophy for natural birth, the parent company of Confident Childbirth of Athens. Note, this page will open in a new window to the Kopa Birth® site.

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Confident Childbirth Method of Athens, GA | Teach Childbirth Classes

Are you interested in teaching childbirth classes? Learn the benefits of becoming an Instructor of the CC Method.  Note, this page will open in a new window.

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Welcome to Confident Childbirth MethodSM of Athens, GA. Your birth can be a positive, empowering experience! Our comprehensive childbirth classes will help you learn the tools you need to approach natural birth with confidence, including breathing techniques, positions of comfort for labor, and deep relaxation aided by guided imagery.

We hope you’ll choose the Confident Childbirth MethodSM of Athens as you prepare for your own journey towards a Confident birth. All classes are taught in the Athens, GA area by Independent Affiliated Instructors of the Confident Childbirth MethodSM using the official Confident Childbirth MethodSM curriculum.

“Our baby boy… is here and we are thrilled.  Our birth experience was amazing. We had a very successful natural and intervention-free birth. You would have been super proud of [my husband]–he was an incredible coach.  Thanks again for all of your help. Your class was invaluable and prepared us so well for birth. I will be sure to recommend it any chance I get!”  Jordan

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“Just wanted to let you know that Ryan and I welcomed our son into the world last week.  He was 8lbs, 8 oz and 21 inches long. We had an amazing drug-free waterbirth.  Ryan was a wonderful coach and we used lots of things from your class.  My water broke at 5:30am, so we spent the day distracting ourselves with shopping, a movie, and dinner before being admitted to the hospital around 6:30pm. He was born at 1:37am, so the timing was great. We used […]

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“[My husband] and I really did find your class helpful and feel much more prepared to work together as a team and let our baby come as naturally as he or she wants to! We also feel more prepared about how to  advocate during the various stages of intervention that may crop up. We’re super excited to meet our little one and will let you know how everything goes.  Thanks again!” Written after the birth: “We had a little boy, 3 days early. He […]

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