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Our comprehensive childbirth classes will help prepare you for NATURAL BIRTH.  Click to view birth class schedules, locations, and fees for childbirth classes in Charlotte, NC.

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Learn more about Kopa Birth® preparation for NATURAL BIRTH and how the it differs from other birth classes.

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Become Childbirth Educator with the Confident Childbirth Method

Are you interested in teaching childbirth classes? Learn the benefits of becoming an Educator of Kopa Birth®.  Note, this page will open in a new window.

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Welcome to Confident Childbirth MethodSM of Charlotte, where we believe that giving birth should be a positive experience for every woman. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Our comprehensive childbirth classes help you take control of your upcoming birth by learning the skills necessary to achieve your goals. For couples who have been debating between Lamaze, Bradley, and Hypno-style courses, the Confident Childbirth MethodSM curriculum offers the perfect solution.

Our comprehensive childbirth classes prepare you for natural birth by combining:

  • Patterned breathing techniques similar to Lamaze®
  • Husband/Coach involvement similar to the Bradley Method®
  • Relaxation techniques similar to HypnoBirthing®

We hope you’ll choose the Confident Childbirth MethodSM as you prepare for your own journey towards a ConfidentSM birth. All childbirth classes are taught in the Charlotte, NC area by Independent Affiliated Instructors using the official Confident Childbirth MethodSM curriculum.

Confident Childbirth Method of Charlotte on Village Green

The Confident Childbirth Method ℠ offers tools-focused birth classes aimed to prepare couples for natural birth.  The content of all CCMethod ℠ childbirth classes is centered on preparing couples to manage contractions while maintaing a sense of calm and confidence despite the discomfort of labor.  Education and preparation yield positive birth experiences and also give couples the best chance for natural birth.  Some of the things you will learn in a Confident Childbirth Method ℠ childbirth class include: The Birth […]

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“My husband and I enrolled in the Confident Childbirth Method 4-Week Childbirth Course in hopes of having a natural birthing experience with our first child.  The classes exceeded all of our expectations!  We entered the course curious and with little knowledge about natural childbirth, and we left feeling confident, knowledgeable, and ready to have a successful birthing experience.  The teacher is very experienced (in nursing and natural childbirth).  She also took the time to get to know each couple’s unique […]

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“We attended your Saturday Intensive birth class…and then delivered our daughter two weeks later.  Labor progressed quickly, but I honestly believe that I would not have successfully carried out my wishes for a drug free delivery without your help.  I felt confident entering labor, and I was focused on staying relaxed and out of the pain/tension cycle.  My recovery was better, and the experience was undoubtedly more enjoyable than my first (with pitocin augmentation and then an epidural).  Thank you […]

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“Just wanted to pass along some wonderful news.  The waiting has officially ended.  Baby Miles is born!   I can’t say enough good things about your class.  We used the relaxation CDs starting on Thursday night around 11pm, which got us through most of my labor, and the breathing techniques really worked.  My husband was an absolute rock throughout and kept reminding me to be a “wet noodle” and when I was in transition, the slow dance got me through. […]

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